A Resolution Revolution

Happy New Year! It’s about that time when many choose to reflect and set fresh goals and intentions. Living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight are some of the most popular resolutions every year. It’s evident when you visit your local gym once the holidays are over – the place is packed, the machines are full, and there’s no parking. Hello, anxiety!

Hooping is a full-body exercise that hasn’t fizzled out for me like my gym-going phases. It’s so much more desirable to blast an awesome playlist and grab a hoop to start rockin’ (and squatting, ab squeezing, and jump-hooping) than to zone out in front of a TV screen on an elliptical. It’s portable, spontaneous, and effective. No excuses to skip it…but you really won’t want to 🙂

Not only is hooping healthy for the body, it’s an exercise in mindfulness. With practice, you will one day stumble into flow. The benefits of flow are many: self-confidence. focus, and joy, to name a few. It’s what truly caught me, and motivated me to continue hooping and, in turn, exercising. Finding flow takes practice, and then drives you to practice. It’s pretty sweet.

So, are you in? Our very own Sarah is leading a BringtheHoopla Fitness and Flow class from February 2nd to March 22nd at Riverfield School in Fairfield, Connecticut. Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm. If you think you can’t hoop…YOU CAN! Sarah will have a hoop that is perfect for you, and she is excellent at getting everyone moving. $109/8 weeks. Click to register online or call (203) 255-8376. It’s time for a resolution revolution!

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2016!

❤ Marisa

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2 Responses to A Resolution Revolution

  1. jennabee25 says:

    Woo hoo! I started hooping in 2013 and haven’t stopped. People, you will love it!

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