Hoopla in Action Everywhere!

Since we last posted we have had such an exciting few weeks!

We have slid into first place in the Mommy Poppins Best Birthday Entertainer category! The voting ends tomorrow so please KEEP voting Hoopla!!


We also had an awesome few weekends at Mystic Aquarium hooping it up with all of their fantastic attendees! So many wonderful families and brand new hoopers. we were so happy to be back for another year at such a fun family friendly place.

Miss Sarah has been especially busy lately taking the show on the road to Bolton, MA for a Magical Fairy Camp hoop class! She was so happy to share her love of hooping with such an inspirational group of kids, she hopes to do it again very soon.

Lastly, we are so proud to announce that one of our private lesson students rocked it at her talent show last week! She blew the crowd away with her hoop routine to Sweet Caroline. The whole audience was singing along. It has been such a pleasure to watch Alisha grow along her hoop journey and bring the Hoopla to her local high school!

We are excited to see what March will bring and we are hoping to BringTheHoopla to Scout Troops, Birthday Kids, and schools all over the state!

Bookings can be made by emailing BringTheHoopla@gmail.com!

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