Our Team 2018; A Groupon Story

Hi hoopers!

We know it’s been a while since we made a blog post, but we’re glad to be back!

Firstly, we want to share this adorable photo of our team with the one and only Mr. Claus himself.

And now onto our subject of the day!

Recently we were approached by a company you might have heard of, Groupon.

They wrote us with high interest about involving us in what they do best, creating a deal and discount for our company to be advertised through their’s. Now you know we are small business, we have a solid team, and we work really hard so the sentiment of getting some help is always a nice one. After going back-and-forth with a Groupon team member they had given us a final offer. They were interested in marketing and discounting our birthday party packages. (Award winning birthday parties we should add 😉.)

Now this wasn’t a bad offer, it covered of team members, and financially it worked. We thought about it, we spoke on it, we slept on it and although the money wasn’t wrong, the integrity wasn’t right. We are a small business sure, but we have a supportive community of loyal customers that have been for years giving us their business because they believe in us and they like what we do. We decided those people have kept us alive and that is who we work for. We love what we do and we love to do it for those people that see us with a value and a purpose, not because we are a deal or a correctly placed advertisement.

We passed on the Groupon deal.

And out of that decision we came up with new ideas how we can grow ourselves, how we can market ourselves, offer deals ourselves and how we can work on helping ourselves make a new step. Yes, we are a small business and the temptation of falling under an umbrella of some household name is there, but when you are as blessed as we are to be serving customers that respect our work, it can inspire one to continue to believe in one’s one’s own team.

We love you all, and thank you for making 2018 a very special year for our team. We look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer, and we are prepared to work for it.

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