Exiting and Entering

Hiya Hoopers,

That’s right, Summer is winding down. We all feel it, we all know it. Kids are going back to school, Hoopla Summer Camp came and went, and you gotta remember to keep a sweater in your car again. But don’t be sad! There is so much more of this amazing year for you to make memories, learn new skills, and spend time with loved ones!

It’s the day after Labor Day and we are officially back to work non stop on fall and winter programming! We have a bunch of classes starting this month actually.

We are back to Shelton Community Center for two 6 week classes. Starting in just a short few weeks we are debuting our Girl Power Program, which is a new spin on our kids Happy Hoopin’ class. If you know Hoopla, you know we have a strong passion for empowering young girls and encouraging them to express themselves. That is exactly what this class will focus on.

But don’t worry adults! We didn’t forget about you. We’re back with our Fitness & Flow class starting Tuesday’s. Core workouts, endurance, strength building, skill building and all that good stuff.

A very special new addition this Sept. is that we will be debuting a class at the Newtown Community Center! Bringing our classic Happy Hoopin’ program to ages 5-9. Fun, games, music, and all the good times you could ask for!

We had a huge summer and we wanna thank you all for supporting us through it! We exist because of you, and we work hard to offer you programming we can be proud of!

See you in the fall Hoopers!

Lots of love,

The Hoopla Gals

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