Girl Power- Channel 3 WFSB

The other night WFSB – Channel 3 came to my BringtheHoopla LLC Girl Power class. It’s a class I have based around empowering young girls. The curriculum I have created for this program is a personal dream and something I wish I had at this age to educate me on things that really matter.

We talked about Self Esteem and Love, and in turn, Self-Love and it’s power. We reflected on last week’s subject of Bravery and Confidence and how that can relate to this week’s topic. They recorded the whole class. My hope is that people will see this, and learn more about what we do at BTH. Our goals, our mission, and our passion for our little niche profession.

We are not just a hoop company, we are a group of women that through each other and through hooping have grown, learned, and created long lasting relationships. I am so blessed to have this has a part of my life and to be able to share it with young girls that orbit in our circle. I met my best friends through this company, and now one is going to have her 3rd baby, and the other is getting married next year, and mostly I am so lucky to be part of their beautiful lives. If there is a reason to love life, this is all it.

Because there are cosmic moments that bring you into who you are supposed to be, with who you are supposed to be with. Every Monday has been a blessing and a reminder of this, and I look forward for this message to spread.

Check out the feature October 16th on Channel 3 WFSB at 4:30!

And check to join an upcoming class in your area, find out where we are vending, or to inquire about joining our team 💜

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