Hello 2020!

It’s 2020 Hoopla Family!

A new year and so many beautiful things on the horizon. 

Here at BringtheHoopla we celebrated a very special couple of holiday months. We welcomed a new baby girl into Nicole’s family, Ruby Clare, Miss Sarah has returned to school, and we are on the search for NEW and passionate employees to add to our ever-growing small business.

Working in a small business environment it never stops, but over the holidays we are able to slow down and appreciate all that we have. And we have a lot. So much to be grateful for.

As the year begins we are working hard to line up the next 11 months or so with a large variety of Hoopla Goodies. We have new classes for kids AND adults, Specialty workshops, and we’re rolling out BRAND NEW loyalty programming as well!

Starting next month we are back at our favorite little studio FIT FACTORY in Naugatuck for our first workshop. We are excited to be offering these skill building classes for all levels. Sometimes it’s hard for people to commit to a six week class and we understand that life is hectic so this is our little way of saying, we miss you, let’s get lunch 💜. 

It is also a huge deal to announce this amazing new offer we have been brainstorming for quite a while. They are offering a loyalty program with preschools! All the details are in the flyer above but we want you to know this a a passion project and we hope to expand throughout Southern CT and become partners with the wonderful preschools around us.

And don’t you worry Shelton Community Center class takers! We are back!! Starting March will be running both our kids and our adults class in the dance studio space of the SCC. And for your convenience you can sign up right (now) on our website ✨ we have listened to your concerns about going down to the center and we have solved that issue because well, we love you. 

Well Hoopers, that’s about all for now but we hope to see you soon!

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