My Hoop Journey

Believe it or not, I only started my hoop journey a two years before we began BringtheHoopla.

My musical adventures had shifted to being an avid music festival attendee and a few of my friends would bring their hand made hoops along, and we would find our flows all night long.

I was still living in NYC at the time and I remember my very first hoop, which was made by one of the 3 original founders of BTH, and I stored it upright and had to move everything to the side so I could hoop in between my couch and kitchen area.

We believed in the power of hooping then and that is why we began our small business. And now, 10 years later, the impact of positive activity combined with our curriculum is

I’m not in the hoop as much as I’d like to be; I’m not teaching anymore, my continued focus is on growing the business and mission and with that, I don’t find myself picking up the hoop as I once used to.

But that doesn’t reflect on my love for the hula hoop. My hoop journey became, and as we all do, it evolved, it grew, it changed forms and it has led me right here.

Owner & Founder of BringtheHoopla

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