Hoopla-ween 🍁🎃⭕️

Hey Hoopers! 

Hope you have your costumes ready, your LED batteries charged, and your plans set in class because it is almost Halloween! What a fun time of year to dress up, get spooky and enjoy yourself. Not to mention it has been such perfect weather to hoop in, not too hot, not too cold. 

Maybe you are running behind on a costume though, and that truly can be scary! Well don’t worry, here are some hoop related costumes to keep you festive and in the spin! 

A classic is a circus performer, most hoopers have this outfit in their closet! 🎪🤹🏻‍♀️

A lion tamer, with a hoop as a prop for your lion to jump through. Get yourself a fancy tailed jacket, a stuffed tiger and your hoop, and you are good to go! 🦁⭕️

Another classic is Sonic the Hedgehog. He is always collecting rings and a small yellow hoop is the perfect way to include your prop with your outfit! 🏅💙💛

Maybe nautical costumes are more your style, a dolphin trainer is another easy one to pull off, with just a wetsuit and a stuffed dolphin and you are all set to hit the trick or treats!🐬

We here at BringtheHoopla wish you a very Happy  Halloween! Be safe and have fun! 

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Fall Fun The Hoopla Way!

Hey Hoopers!

We are so excited to be back in the swing of things! We have fitness classes running in both Fairfield and Shelton! And our Happy Hooping classes are popping up all over Connecticut!

It has been such a great year, and the best summer Hoopla has ever seen. As we enter into colder months we can’t help but be grateful for the fantastic year we had. We want to thank everyone that booked us this summer and are looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

But don’t forget, just cause it’s a little chilly doesn’t mean we are flying south for the winter! You can still book us for parties, community events, corporate events and anything else you think could use some our signature Hoopla Fun.

Here’s to a Happy Fall Season and for new adventures on the horizon! As always, we sending our love!

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Back to School! Back to Hoop Classes!

It is that lovely time of year! It’s Back-To-School Time!

We are excited to return to classes this month! We have two running at Shelton Community Center and one running at the Fairfield Cont. Ed.! Kids and Adults!

Shelton Community Center Classes

Starting September 20th Pre-Registeration Required

Sign Up in Person at 41 Church Street Shelton, CT 06484

happyhoopinsept2017 hoopfitnessandflowsept2017

Fairfield Continuing Education

Starting September 26th Preregistration Required

Sign up Online — Click HERE For Registration and More Info



And don’t forget to BringtheHoopla into your school today by booking a BEFORE or AFTER school program!




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End of Summer! 

As we enter into August, we reflect on our amazing summer! Although it’s not over yet it seems like we have accomplished so much in such a small time.

From Mayfest to Soupstock, beach clubs and summer camps we have been all over the map. We are so blessed to spend every day doing what we do, especially this year and in busiest summer ever! 

This weekend it keeps rolling as we do our interactive programming at Downtown Sounds Summer Concert Series this Friday August 4, at Veterans Memorial Park in Shelton and  as well as vend SoNo Arts Festival. 

Our own Hoopla Summer Camp is also on the way for this month. Running the 14th to the 18th of this month we are very excited for a full week of Hoopla.
We love you all, thank you for continually making our dreams livable! 

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Summer is HERE!! 

Hiya hoopers! 

It’s official, it’s summer! We are so excited to get back in the spin and prepare for all the fun our summer has the offer!

We had an amazing time at Soupstock and Mayfest and have so much more on the horizon! 

This weekend for example we are at Two Roads Brewery for their Road Jam, Black Rock Farmers Market, and Cromwell Farmers Market as well!

Our team is preparing for the summer in every way we know how; fine tuning curriculum, making hoops, organizing marketing, and.. making a baby? Well just Nicole is doing the last one, but as a team we are looking forward to meeting the newest honorary Hoopla gal. 
See you this weekend, we hope! Keep an eye open for us this summer! 

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The Woman Behind the Shine

It’s a very special day in the Hoopla Universe! Today we Celebrate the our lady behind the tape! Happiest and the most joyous of Birthdays to out hoop taper Lauren Dev!

Lauren is an important part of the team and creates all our beautiful designed hoops! Without her the Hoopla would just be Hoop-blah!

Happy Birthday Lauren!

We hope your enjoy your Birthday and that is extra wonderful!


Now that April has hit, Lauren and the rest of our team is in go mode. The Hoopla Shop will be having 20% off sale through the month for Easter and warm weather preparation. Make sure to stop in and get yourself a new hoop baby before the sale ends!

We have many exciting events already booked for the Spring and Summer. We are all excited to get back into the sunshine and enjoy the breeze in our hair. Here we come!

If you are interested in having our beautifully taped hoops vended at your event please email us at bringthehoopla@gmail.com!

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WE WON! And Spring-TheHoopla!

Last week, our team won best Birthday Entertainer in CT!

Out of tens of thousands of votes we came up on top and it really is such an honor, and a testament to how hard we work to do what we love. I am so proud.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be on a team of business minded women. This win was a reminder we are doing something right. Thank you for your support! 350CTWinner (1)

That being said we have a very exciting Spring ahead of us!

We are back at Woodbury Earth Day, our Shelton Community Center Classes are starting back up, and we are gearing up for Mayfest Music, Arts, and Yoga Festival!

We are looking forward to what this year has to bring us! And we hope to see you around!

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