Best Birthday Party Entertainer Nomination in CT!

In case you haven’t heard, we are so proud to be a finalist in Mommy Poppins Connecticut Bestie Awards in The Best Party Entertainer Category!
This very exciting news for us and we are so humbled that our hard work is being noticed!
Our parties have always been a large part of who we are and what we do. We feel so grateful to be able to share these special moments with families, their friends, and of course our special birthday hoopers. We feel like our parties are an unique, fun filled way to celebrate the coming of any age from young to young at heart.
Being a small local business of a just a few dedicated ladies we were shocked to see our name on the list. So we ask you, Hoopla Family, please help us by voting Hoopla!

Vote NOW to help us WIN.

#MPLOVESCT #bringtheHoopla #CTsbest #VoteHoopla #VoteNow

VOTE for Hoopla!


Follow the Links above and please take a minute to support a small business.

We truly are so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful community and be able to grow with in it.

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An Anniversary Post 

Four years ago my world truly changed for the better. Enter: Sarah Murphy.
She is an honorary Mikula, my little sister, my forever friend, my confidant, my personal cheerleader, my devoted employee and someone who believes and strives for so many of the same things I do. 
I am eternally grateful for you; for coming into my life, for loving Magnolia as you do and for your commitment to BringtheHoopla and everything else we conquer. 

I am so proud of the woman you are and as your journey continues to unfold, I will be there every step of the way. 
Happy 4th Anniversary at BringtheHoopla!

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Hello 2017! Hoopla Assembly Excitement!

We are starting off 2017 with such excitement and new things just keep rolling in! We were lucky enough to begin our year at Mary R Tisko Elementary in Branford for a super special Hoopla Assembly!

In a school where hooping is the norm in gym class, we fit right in. Nicole and I met Tisko’s lovely PE teachers at a super cool educational conference this past fall and soon realized we have a lot in common as they were also avid hoopers. It’s so nice to find other hoopers out in the world, and the chance to show off our skills to their talented students was such a great opportunity.

We had a shortened  assembly, only 30 minutes (our usual can be up to 55), but it was jam packed of high energy fun, jokes, and performances. And when I tell you how the kids laughed when we brought out our giant hoop that stands almost as tall as me, (and I’m 5’9″), it was as loud as thunder.

The best part was when their principal even joined in on the fun. Although he claimed to not be much of a hooper himself we all thought he did a great job. Personally, I think he even might have stolen the show!

We are hoping for a ton more assemblies this year! Help us spread the word!






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25 and Feeling Alive

Sarah here! I’m coming off a birthday weekend high and am feeling the everyday stresses begin to sneak there way back into my life.

I wanna talk a little but about “everyday stresses”.

We all use this term so regularly to describe our day to day. We use it to talk about our drive to work, our bills, how we’re running late, how our families drive us nuts or whatever other silly little thing we can’t seem to avoid. It’s very easy within these “everyday stresses” to get lost in our modern world. It’s easy to loose time for ourselves, and in turn loose the personal growth we all so deeply, continually need to survive.

Well hope is not lost. Remember as people we are strong, we are resilient, we are ever evolving and adapting. These things about us are beautiful. We must remember how simple and satisfying “small everyday moments for ourselves” can be. How good a splurge latte tastes. How that guilty pleasure song you loved in high school can still be turned up 11 and jammed out to in traffic. How saying a positive affirmation out loud can make you feel invincible. How taking a few deep breathes with your eyes closed can feel like floating on a cloud.

And I know, this is a hooping blog, so you know where I am going with this next… Remember to take out your hoop. No matter if you are happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, angry, feeling undervalued, feeling alone, feeling… whatever it may be. And live in the moment, for yourself. As they say moments are fleeting, and I don’t know about you but if they have to fleet I’d rather watch them go as I dance. As I express. As I step into the next moment with all I have to offer.

Remember to be kind to yourself, you are the only you you got.



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A Resolution Revolution

Happy New Year! It’s about that time when many choose to reflect and set fresh goals and intentions. Living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight are some of the most popular resolutions every year. It’s evident when you visit your local gym once the holidays are over – the place is packed, the machines are full, and there’s no parking. Hello, anxiety!

Hooping is a full-body exercise that hasn’t fizzled out for me like my gym-going phases. It’s so much more desirable to blast an awesome playlist and grab a hoop to start rockin’ (and squatting, ab squeezing, and jump-hooping) than to zone out in front of a TV screen on an elliptical. It’s portable, spontaneous, and effective. No excuses to skip it…but you really won’t want to 🙂

Not only is hooping healthy for the body, it’s an exercise in mindfulness. With practice, you will one day stumble into flow. The benefits of flow are many: self-confidence. focus, and joy, to name a few. It’s what truly caught me, and motivated me to continue hooping and, in turn, exercising. Finding flow takes practice, and then drives you to practice. It’s pretty sweet.

So, are you in? Our very own Sarah is leading a BringtheHoopla Fitness and Flow class from February 2nd to March 22nd at Riverfield School in Fairfield, Connecticut. Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm. If you think you can’t hoop…YOU CAN! Sarah will have a hoop that is perfect for you, and she is excellent at getting everyone moving. $109/8 weeks. Click to register online or call (203) 255-8376. It’s time for a resolution revolution!

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2016!

❤ Marisa

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Hooping Everywhere.

Hey there hoopers, groovers, and blog readers!

Sarah here, and man do I have a lot to catch you up on.

These past couple weeks have been jam packed with hoop fun and I have been all over the state flowing with so many wonderful spinners.

Along with teaching my regular schedule BringtheHoopla has been in Scout Mania. Haha. And by that I mean, we have been kicking hoop butt with a bunch of Girl Scout Troop programs and even our first Boy Scout Troop program. All of which went incredibly awesome. Different ages groups are no match for our Hoop Magic.

So all that is going on as well as Winter Classes are coming to an end. And you know what that means! Oh wait, maybe you don’t? Because I haven’t told you yet. Well it means… Performance Day! Which is the day my students get to show off their super unique skills to the rest of the class, their loving parents, and most importantly themselves. Super awesome. This is also the day on which I am always overwhelmed with pride to watch my students take the stage.

The talent, the dedication, and the happiness that fills the room on the last day of classes is simply beautiful.

So also guys, these ends, as ends always do, bring room for new beginnings. Spring Classes are gonna be starting! It’s time to switch from boots to sneakers. From jackets to hoodies. From well, you get the point. Yay, warm(er) weather.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Sending love out to you and yours.

Keep hooping,

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Meet Kate: Our hoopy intern

Hi! I’m Kate, and I just recently joined the bringtheHoopla team. I’m a junior at Southern Connecticut State University majoring in marketing. Nicole and the bringtheHoopla fam took me under their wing as their marketing intern.

As soon as I met Nicole at my interview, I could feel the positive energy flowing through her. I could tell that she was very passionate about her business. I’m extremely excited to be welcomed as a part of the Hoopla team.

I recently co-taught a hoop class with Nicole where I learned a great deal about what bringtheHoopla strives to achieve. I had a great time getting to know the kids, and I even learned a few hoop tricks! I’m super excited to further my hoop knowledge and learn a few tricks from Sarah, our head teacher at bringtheHoopla.

I really love the passion and dedication of the Hoopla family and I’m very grateful to be able to be able to be a part of the growth with the marketing aspect of the company, including posting daily on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @bringthehoopla!

I hope to continue to learn many things about fitness, nutrition and hooping with the help of Nicole, Jesse, and Sarah and all the Happy Hoopers they have!



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