My Hoop Journey

Believe it or not, I only started my hoop journey a two years before we began BringtheHoopla.

My musical adventures had shifted to being an avid music festival attendee and a few of my friends would bring their hand made hoops along, and we would find our flows all night long.

I was still living in NYC at the time and I remember my very first hoop, which was made by one of the 3 original founders of BTH, and I stored it upright and had to move everything to the side so I could hoop in between my couch and kitchen area.

We believed in the power of hooping then and that is why we began our small business. And now, 10 years later, the impact of positive activity combined with our curriculum is

I’m not in the hoop as much as I’d like to be; I’m not teaching anymore, my continued focus is on growing the business and mission and with that, I don’t find myself picking up the hoop as I once used to.

But that doesn’t reflect on my love for the hula hoop. My hoop journey became, and as we all do, it evolved, it grew, it changed forms and it has led me right here.

Owner & Founder of BringtheHoopla

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Spring the Hoopla!

Oh Hoopers, do you feel that? That freshness in the air. That shine in the sky. That hula hoop around your waist!

Yes yes, that’s right it’s almost spring time!

We’re so exited to be starting so many new programs to go along with the oncoming weather! Lighthouse in Bridgeport is just starting to peak up, Ansonia After-school is blossoming quite nicely, and Shelton Community Center has been planted. We love all our programs, whatever the season but the return of Spring means we are back to our busy seasons and that makes us smile so big!

We are currently booking for Earth Days, Library Programs, and Birthdays! And of course it’s cookie season Girl Scouts so if you are looking for a celebration, we are here for you!

You know we align our curriculum every year with the Ct library theme and this years we especially have a soft spot in our hearts for ✨

However you join us this Spring we look forward to seeing you come out of hibernation and get your hoop on!

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Hello 2020!

It’s 2020 Hoopla Family!

A new year and so many beautiful things on the horizon. 

Here at BringtheHoopla we celebrated a very special couple of holiday months. We welcomed a new baby girl into Nicole’s family, Ruby Clare, Miss Sarah has returned to school, and we are on the search for NEW and passionate employees to add to our ever-growing small business.

Working in a small business environment it never stops, but over the holidays we are able to slow down and appreciate all that we have. And we have a lot. So much to be grateful for.

As the year begins we are working hard to line up the next 11 months or so with a large variety of Hoopla Goodies. We have new classes for kids AND adults, Specialty workshops, and we’re rolling out BRAND NEW loyalty programming as well!

Starting next month we are back at our favorite little studio FIT FACTORY in Naugatuck for our first workshop. We are excited to be offering these skill building classes for all levels. Sometimes it’s hard for people to commit to a six week class and we understand that life is hectic so this is our little way of saying, we miss you, let’s get lunch 💜. 

It is also a huge deal to announce this amazing new offer we have been brainstorming for quite a while. They are offering a loyalty program with preschools! All the details are in the flyer above but we want you to know this a a passion project and we hope to expand throughout Southern CT and become partners with the wonderful preschools around us.

And don’t you worry Shelton Community Center class takers! We are back!! Starting March will be running both our kids and our adults class in the dance studio space of the SCC. And for your convenience you can sign up right (now) on our website ✨ we have listened to your concerns about going down to the center and we have solved that issue because well, we love you. 

Well Hoopers, that’s about all for now but we hope to see you soon!

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New Classes for Fall and Our Channel 3 Special!

Heya Hoopers!

It’s been an exciting week for us, as we mentioned last time we had interviewed with WSFB for a feature on their Wellness Wednesday segment. We are so pleased to to show you the video!

That’s not all though! We also are ready and rocking for all our new classes coming up this fall! You can sign up and find more information on our website by clicking here.

We also are booking for winter programs and fall events so remember to contact us!

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Girl Power- Channel 3 WFSB

The other night WFSB – Channel 3 came to my BringtheHoopla LLC Girl Power class. It’s a class I have based around empowering young girls. The curriculum I have created for this program is a personal dream and something I wish I had at this age to educate me on things that really matter.

We talked about Self Esteem and Love, and in turn, Self-Love and it’s power. We reflected on last week’s subject of Bravery and Confidence and how that can relate to this week’s topic. They recorded the whole class. My hope is that people will see this, and learn more about what we do at BTH. Our goals, our mission, and our passion for our little niche profession.

We are not just a hoop company, we are a group of women that through each other and through hooping have grown, learned, and created long lasting relationships. I am so blessed to have this has a part of my life and to be able to share it with young girls that orbit in our circle. I met my best friends through this company, and now one is going to have her 3rd baby, and the other is getting married next year, and mostly I am so lucky to be part of their beautiful lives. If there is a reason to love life, this is all it.

Because there are cosmic moments that bring you into who you are supposed to be, with who you are supposed to be with. Every Monday has been a blessing and a reminder of this, and I look forward for this message to spread.

Check out the feature October 16th on Channel 3 WFSB at 4:30!

And check to join an upcoming class in your area, find out where we are vending, or to inquire about joining our team 💜

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Exiting and Entering

Hiya Hoopers,

That’s right, Summer is winding down. We all feel it, we all know it. Kids are going back to school, Hoopla Summer Camp came and went, and you gotta remember to keep a sweater in your car again. But don’t be sad! There is so much more of this amazing year for you to make memories, learn new skills, and spend time with loved ones!

It’s the day after Labor Day and we are officially back to work non stop on fall and winter programming! We have a bunch of classes starting this month actually.

We are back to Shelton Community Center for two 6 week classes. Starting in just a short few weeks we are debuting our Girl Power Program, which is a new spin on our kids Happy Hoopin’ class. If you know Hoopla, you know we have a strong passion for empowering young girls and encouraging them to express themselves. That is exactly what this class will focus on.

But don’t worry adults! We didn’t forget about you. We’re back with our Fitness & Flow class starting Tuesday’s. Core workouts, endurance, strength building, skill building and all that good stuff.

A very special new addition this Sept. is that we will be debuting a class at the Newtown Community Center! Bringing our classic Happy Hoopin’ program to ages 5-9. Fun, games, music, and all the good times you could ask for!

We had a huge summer and we wanna thank you all for supporting us through it! We exist because of you, and we work hard to offer you programming we can be proud of!

See you in the fall Hoopers!

Lots of love,

The Hoopla Gals

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Hoopla Photoshoot!

We spent our Sunday in the best way! We spent it in the sunshine, spinning hula hoops, with the full team! ☀️

It is been a while since all the Hoopla girls got together, new faces and old, it was a really special day. We teamed up with Jennifer Lynn Photography and worked on a new set shots for the website, marketing and beyond!

As a small business, there’s always so much to do and keeping fresh photos is a very important part running a business. We had a few of our favorite kiddos from around the state volunteer to help us with the shoot as well! And of course all of the kids went home with a brand new hoopla Hoop for helping out. 😊

We are currently gearing up for Summer and are looking forward to new opportunities on the horizon. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for pictures from the shoot soon! 💜💚

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Our Team 2018; A Groupon Story

Hi hoopers!

We know it’s been a while since we made a blog post, but we’re glad to be back!

Firstly, we want to share this adorable photo of our team with the one and only Mr. Claus himself.

And now onto our subject of the day!

Recently we were approached by a company you might have heard of, Groupon.

They wrote us with high interest about involving us in what they do best, creating a deal and discount for our company to be advertised through their’s. Now you know we are small business, we have a solid team, and we work really hard so the sentiment of getting some help is always a nice one. After going back-and-forth with a Groupon team member they had given us a final offer. They were interested in marketing and discounting our birthday party packages. (Award winning birthday parties we should add 😉.)

Now this wasn’t a bad offer, it covered of team members, and financially it worked. We thought about it, we spoke on it, we slept on it and although the money wasn’t wrong, the integrity wasn’t right. We are a small business sure, but we have a supportive community of loyal customers that have been for years giving us their business because they believe in us and they like what we do. We decided those people have kept us alive and that is who we work for. We love what we do and we love to do it for those people that see us with a value and a purpose, not because we are a deal or a correctly placed advertisement.

We passed on the Groupon deal.

And out of that decision we came up with new ideas how we can grow ourselves, how we can market ourselves, offer deals ourselves and how we can work on helping ourselves make a new step. Yes, we are a small business and the temptation of falling under an umbrella of some household name is there, but when you are as blessed as we are to be serving customers that respect our work, it can inspire one to continue to believe in one’s one’s own team.

We love you all, and thank you for making 2018 a very special year for our team. We look forward to seeing what 2019 has to offer, and we are prepared to work for it.

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SEE& Hoopla Summer Camp

Hello Hoopers!

This summer has been one of the most amazing and rewarding summers of BringtheHoopla history. We facilitated programs all over the state and some of our first time programs were some of the biggest we have ever taken on as a business.

Our time in New Britain being part of their SEE program was truly a life changing experience for our teachers. They were given the opportunity to spend three weeks teaching our specialized hoop curriculum. With focuses on balance, self-esteem, dance, teamwork and much more our teacher and students were able to expand on subjects that relate with both hooping and life.

Our team is so lucky to have been part of something so meaningful and we look forward to the future ahead. Hopefully we will be back in New Britain for the school year and we can promise you can find us next summer back at SEE.

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Come Find US!

This summer is jam packed with events, festivals, and fun! We are excited to venture around our beautiful state of Connecticut providing our one and only Hoopla zones, facilitating our unique programs,  and vending our extra special Hoopla Hoops!

If you are looking to purchase your own hoop or join us for some fun hooping in the sun look below for a list of upcoming events!

Our biggest event so far this year is just around the corner June 9th + 10th Riverfront Music Revival. We will be vending, hooping, and enjoying this local family friendly event all weekend long!

Saturday, June 2
Downtown Milford Farmer’s Market
10:30am-12:30pm Hoopla Zone
9:00am-1:00pm Vendor
River Street, Milford

Saturday, June 9th & Sunday, June 10
Riverfront Music Revival
Veteran’s Memorial Park, Shelton

Saturday, June 9
Pride in the Park
Mathews Park, Norwalk

Saturday, June 16
Black Rock Farmer’s Market
St. Ann’s Church, Bridgeport

Thursday, June 21
Ascend Festival
Dockside Park, Cold Spring, NY

Thursday, June 21
Ora Mason Library, West Haven

Saturday, June 23
Douglas Library, Hebron

Wednesday, June 27
Portland Public Library, Portland

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